Welcome from the Transition Committee

Dear Friends,

The history of our faith is filled with stories of leadership transition – Elijah to Elisha, David to Solomon, and the original apostles to every subsequent generation of the Church. Change is never easy, but the faithfulness of our God and the witness of our past encourage us in the midst of change.

The ministry of the Transition Committee is to keep all of our eyes pointed forward as we move through this season of transfiguration: We will honor Bishop Don Johnson for his many years of faithful service as our chief pastor. We will introduce the nominees that the Search Committee has faithfully presented for the Diocese’s consideration. We will coordinate the election process, plan the consecration, and support our new bishop as she or he gets to know this sacred place and its holy people.

On this website, you can meet the nominees electronically and find out how to meet them in person. You can also find the latest information about all of the events and celebrations that will give shape to the transition process. Please read this material thoroughly, and return to this site often for updates.

Yours in faith,


The Reverend Sandy Webb, Chair (Holy Communion, Memphis)
Kate Trammell, Vice Chair (St. John’s, Memphis)

Meet The Nominees

Upon the recommendation of the Bishop Search Committee and nomination by the Standing Committee of The Episcopal Diocese of West Tennessee, the Standing Committee presents to the diocese three priests as nominees for the Fourth Bishop of West Tennessee:

The Rev. Marian Dulaney Fortner

The Rev. Marian Dulaney Fortner

Rector, Trinity Episcopal Church, Hattiesburg, MS, Diocese of Mississippi

The Rev. Sarah D. Hollar

The Rev. Sarah D. Hollar

Rector, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Huntersville, NC, Diocese of North Carolina

The Rev. Phoebe A. Roaf

The Rev. Phoebe A. Roaf

Rector, St. Philip’s Episcopal Church, Richmond, VA, Diocese of Virginia

A Prayer for the Election of the Bishop of West Tennessee

“Almighty God, Creator, Sustainer, and Redeemer: we pray that you will continue to send your blessings to the Diocese of West Tennessee, and to all those who will participate in the search for our next Bishop.  We pray that you will give us open hearts, wisdom, and clarity of thought and that our efforts will be guided by the Holy Spirit. Give us the courage and perseverance to find and elect a person who will be for us a Shepherd, who will follow in the example of Jesus Christ, and whose voice and actions will promote unity in a church and a society too often divided. May our search be a product of the love, mercy, and grace you extend to all of God’s children. Amen.”

Prayer written by The Reverend Deacon Randy McCloy