An Invitation from the Search Committee

We invite you to join us in discernment as we search for nominees for the Fourth Bishop of The Episcopal Diocese of West Tennessee. The Search Committee is composed of lay and clergy, male and female, black and white, from Faith Communities inside and outside of Shelby County. This Holy work began in September of 2017. 

Part of our charge was the task of creating a profile of our Diocese and communicating the qualities sought for our next Bishop. We sought your input about the qualities our Faith Community members would like to see in our next Bishop. To gather as much information as possible, we offered two ways to share ideas and needs: participation in a survey and attending and sharing at the Holy Listening Sessions planned at various Faith Communities throughout the Diocese beginning in Lent 2018.

This website,,  is dedicated to the bishop search process:  As the Search Committee makes further information available, it will be posted on this website.

As prayer grounds and guides us, we earnestly ask for your prayers throughout this process as we listen and discern. 

In Christ’s Service,

Lavonnie Perry Claybon, Co-Chair
The Reverend Gayle McCarty, Co-Chair

A Prayer for the Election of the Bishop of West Tennessee

“Almighty God, Creator, Sustainer, and Redeemer: we pray that you will continue to send your blessings to the Diocese of West Tennessee, and to all those who will participate in the search for our next Bishop.  We pray that you will give us open hearts, wisdom, and clarity of thought and that our efforts will be guided by the Holy Spirit. Give us the courage and perseverance to find and elect a person who will be for us a Shepherd, who will follow in the example of Jesus Christ, and whose voice and actions will promote unity in a church and a society too often divided. May our search be a product of the love, mercy, and grace you extend to all of God’s children. Amen.”

                                                                                                        Prayer written by The Reverend Deacon Randy McCloy